The Cyberstrak toolbars contain commands for the creation and modification of NURBS geometry and meshes like

  • a Curve sketcher
  • Smoothing of Curves, Surfaces and Mesh areas
  • Surface blend creation
  • Modeling of NURBS control vertices
  • creation of Nurbs surfaces on selected Mesh areas.

All modeling commands offer a local Undo/Redo allowing easy comparison of different work stages. There is also integrated analysis functionality helping to judge the quality of the current geometry.

In addition there is a toolbar containing Analysis commands like

  • Sections through geometry
  • Curvature analysis of Curves and Surfaces
  • graphical deviation between objects (e.g. deviation display between surface to a mesh)
  • analysis of transition quality between matched curves or surfaces

The analyses are following associatively all geometry modifications and will be dynamically updated during the modeling process.